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And again! A new new old silent film Cleaning Women will compose and perform in TIFF Norway!
Silent Film Days, Tromsø, Norway

Cleaning Women with 3D-visuals!
Kanneltalo, Helsinki, Finland 20th and 21st Nov!
Facebook event>>

After Mexico tour we're currently working with film music for Jari Kokko's full-length documentary film "The Canaries", which will be premiered in 2015.

This Friday 28.11. at
Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City,
Aelita - the Queen of Mars (Soviet Union 1924) movie live accompaniment. Entrada libre!
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Short films and Aelita movie accompaniments coming up in Norway and Sweden! Gigs in Mexico in November! Stay tuned!

A small Baltic tour coming up in May. We're going back to Riga after 13 years. It was that long since we visited Riga on the tour that was documented in the movie Cleaning Up!

Check out our new youtube channel to watch more Cleaning Women music videos. Click here now!

Staalon Kaato Lapland 2012 Tour cancelled... Sadly we have to announce the cancellation of our Lapland tour in Finland and Norway.

A good review on Retretti's Cave Parables exhibition in Hbl (in Swedish). It can be read here.

Cleaning Women interviewed for Radio X3M (in Swedish). It can be read here.

New Retretti shows announced:
24.08. a "normal" audiovisual spectacle
25.08. Kino Konzert "Aelita"

Remember to go and experience Cleaning Women art installation in Retretti too!
The exhibition is open throughout the summer!

Next stop: Retretti, Punkaharju, Finland. Cleaning Women plays a concert at the opening ceremony of the summer exhibition on June 8th.

But that is not all: Cleaning Women is also taking part in Retretti's exhibition as an artist group. CW present a sound/video installation together with a kinetic sculpture. Artwork is located deep down in Retretti's caves among other Finnish contemporary art.

4.8 Vastavirta, Tampere, Finland

18.8 Juttutupa, Helsinki, Finland

13.10 Kino Iglun elokuvafestarit, Karkkila, Finland (Aelita-screening)

Past live dates here.

Press Photos

You can find press photos and the official Cleaning Women logo here.

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Silent Movies

Cleaning Women also performs musical accompaniments to old classic Soviet-era silent movies. Their second studio album "Aelita - the Queen of Mars" was even named after director Yakov Protazanov's old sci-fi classic.


Cleaning Women is an experimental group consisting of three cleaning robots (CW01, CW03 and CW04). Besides their unique music, Cleaning Women is known for their alternative ways in choosing their instruments. The origin of their acoustic sound can be traced to self-made and self-customized instruments, which are crafted from mangled household items or material salvaged from trash bins.


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