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Midnight Sun Film Festival,
Sodankylä, Finland
Dans La Nuit screening by CW03 and CW04 of Cleaning Women

Il Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna, Italy
(My Grandmother screening)

Heinäveden muinaisviikko, Heinävesi, Finland

Otawala, Mikkeli, Finland

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Cleaning Women Press Photo 1
Photo by Klaus Welp.

Cleaning Women Press Photo 1
Photo by Klaus Welp.

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Le Pupille (The Pupils) directed by Alice Rohrwacher and produced by Alfonso Cuarón has been selected for an Academy Award® nomination in the Live Action Short Film category. Original music is written and performed by Cleaning Women.


Cleaning Women is an experimental group consisting of three cleaning robots (CW01, CW03 and CW04). Besides their unique music, Cleaning Women is known for their alternative ways in choosing their instruments. The origin of their acoustic sound can be traced to self-made and self-customized instruments, which are crafted from mangled household items or material salvaged from trash bins.

But what it is that makes them really special is the way they sound. Even though the starting point is avant-gardish and experimental, the end result is jaw-dropping combination of skilled musicianship, original soundscapes and easily accessible, even danceable music – a combination of cinematic sci-fi western and sparkling trash can disco.

During their over 20 years of existence (founded in 1996, the same line-up since 1999), the group has played over 600 concerts in over 20 countries in 3 continents, released 4 albums, and composed and performed umpteen live soundtracks for silent film classics and rarities, such as My Grandmother, The Seashell and the Clergyman, Metropolis or Aelita - Queen of Mars. All this to enthusiastic audiences around the globe. Cleaning Women has also made music scores for contemporary films, the latest being Alice Rohrwacher’s 40-minute film The Pupils (Le Pupille) (2022).

Silent Movies

Cleaning Women also performs musical accompaniments to old classic Soviet-era silent movies. Their second studio album "Aelita - the Queen of Mars" was even named after director Yakov Protazanov's old sci-fi classic.



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